First week at STU

Well, the big time has come.

I figure my blog log of current events would be remiss if I didn’t record the end of a chapter.  I admit that I get this idea partly from Amanda Gould (see her blog post here), but it also comes from a desire to have a memory record of this time in my life.

After four years, I am one six-page paper away from finishing my BA.

It’s a strange feeling.  It didn’t really hit me until recently.  I’m coming back to

First year spring formal

STU next year for my Bachelor of Education.  Many of my friends are going to be here for the summer and next year.  Others aren’t going to be that far away.  It didn’t seem like that much was changing.  The end of the year would come as always, everyone would move out, summer would begin and we’d come back to school in the fall.

It was only in the past few days that I realized nothing will be the same.

80's Dance in second year

Part of it is moving out of the residence I’ve lived in with my best friends for four years.  Not having my girlfriends right down the hall 24/7 will be a huge adjustment.  But after the year we’ve had, we’re ready to move out, get our own places with our own rules and start our own lives.  Besides, true friends will keep in touch.  Part of it is the fact that I’m not going to be right on campus anymore.  This has been my community for four years and it has become my home.  But I’ll still be here next year.  I know I would be more upset if I was leaving this place and this city forever.

Sitting in my final GRID class the other day, with the people who have been

Relay for Life in second year

my schoolmates and my friends for four years, Dr. Barry Craig looked at us and said, “Five years from now when you’re sitting at your job, I hope you can think back to this afternoon and remember a time when  you had nothing better to do but sit around and think about beauty, art and the good.”  Realizing that I would never sit in this class with these people again, no matter how much might remain the same in the rest of my life, I left the classroom, went around the corner of the building and burst into tears by a dumpster.  It was then I realized the strangest bit about this whole graduating thing.

We’re growing up.

Easter weekend in third year

There will be no more crazy spontaneous nights of mayhem in first year when there is nothing more to worry about than who will man the music or provide the speakers.  No more going to the caf and having all your meals provided.  No more Sunday suppers with 30 other people that you don’t have to cook yourself.  No more free laundry.  We’re going to buy groceries, cook meals and pay bills and rent.  We’ve been incredibly spoiled – and unbelievably fortunate – for four years.  And I think I just realized that fact during that last sunny afternoon in the classroom with the giant round wooden table, the plushy leather chairs and the people whose minds have expanded and exploded along with my own.

So, like every other change, I will adjust and find my new niche.  I will begin a

Trick or Eat in fourth year

new exciting chapter and remember the old one fondly and, someday, with a great deal of nostalgia.  But, like I said earlier, I want to take a moment for how I feel right now and how much I will miss the way things have been.

When I was 18 and terrified to leave home, I’m so thankful I took the leap and chose the school that was the most unlikely on my list.  It’s impossible to know how the decisions you make will affect you four, five, ten or twenty years down the road but, in this one at least, I can be 100% sure that I made the right one.

Thank you friends, thank you classmates, thank you professors, thank you STU.  It’s been quite a time.

Last week at STU

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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more, Miss.

    You’ve been a wonderful companion in this adventure. I couldn’t be more grateful to have had you with whom I could share burdens, hearts, and belly busting laughter.

    All the very best with the final paper, the moving out, and, of course, the new chapter.

    Much love,


  2. I haven’t had the pleasure to read your blog in a while as my internet has been limited and during the time that you wrote this we were all swamped with work. Reading this made me quite emotional actually. I am also excited for the new chapter of your lives, but I will always remeber our wonderfully fun years together living only a few doors down.
    Wonderfully written:) I will be a regular viewer this summer! Love xo

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