First week at STU

Well, the big time has come.

I figure my blog log of current events would be remiss if I didn’t record the end of a chapter.  I admit that I get this idea partly from Amanda Gould (see her blog post here), but it also comes from a desire to have a memory record of this time in my life.

After four years, I am one six-page paper away from finishing my BA. (more…)

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Disney’s Achy Breaky Image

Remember when Disney was cute?

Think back to your childhood for a moment, if you will.  Recall the glories of princesses and prince charmings, the pristine nature scenes and the hand-crafted animation.  Animals talked, enemies became friends, happy endings abounded and morals were devoured by all. (more…)

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Lawrencetown for Hockeyville 2010: The Final Push

Gathered in the Fire Hall, the town finds out they made the Top 5. /Photo by Larry Powell

For those of you following Lawrencetown’s incredible run for Hockeyville 2010, you’ll be happy to know that we were named as one of the Top 5 communities last night on Hockey Night in Canada.

Lawrencetown is the smallest community in the final race.  We need all of the votes we can get to make this dream happen!

You can vote on CBC Kraft Hockeyville’s homepage, or you can get more information on voting by phone under About.

Voting closes March 31st at 11:59pm.  Please vote!

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Lawrencetown for Hockeyville 2010: The Waiting Game

This is just a quick update for those of you following Lawrencetown in its bid for Hockeyville 2010.  To all of the people from away who have voted for the past week, your support and help are greatly appreciated!

The first round of voting is over, and the waiting game has begun.  If Lawrencetown can make the Top 5, we get $25,000 for improvements to the rink.  But we will need your continued support in our effort to become Hockeyville 2010!

The finalists will be unveiled March 27th on Hockey Night in Canada.

This whole process has made me so proud of my hometown and everyone who has shown support for our little rink.  My dad always says you can attempt anything you want, but the only thing that will make you successful is the heart you put into your effort.

Lawrencetown and friends have a whole lot of heart.  Let’s get ready to keep voting this Saturday.

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Lawrencetown for Hockeyville 2010

All photos taken from the "Lawrencetown for Hockeyville 2010" Facebook group

In the heart of the Annapolis Valley there is a tiny town with a population of about 660 (when the community college students are in school).  There is an elementary school, a church, a post office and a pharmacy, the Exhibition grounds, the College of Geographic Sciences, the Agriculture Office and the infamous Lawrencetown restaurant.  A few other privately-owned businesses are scattered along Main Street, but that sums up the hub of the downtown.

There is also an old, grey barn with a proud, peeling sign that proclaims “Lawrencetown Exhibition Youth Arena.” (more…)

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The Rocky Road to Hockey Gold

“Yo Adriannnnnn!!!”

At least half of you will get that reference.

For those of you who don’t, it comes from the iconic Rocky movies (ok, so maybe there were three or four too many, but Sly Stallone ran with it) depicting the struggles of the American Boxer, the Italian Stallion, Rocky Balboa.

Now besides the fact I harbour a huge crush on Sylvester Stallone (especially in Rocky I), I think we can compare our Canadian hockey team to his trials in just about every movie. (more…)

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A Moir Virtuous Win

From CTV News this morning:

“Ms. Priestner-Allinger [VANOC’s executive vice-president for sport and venue management] attributed some of the failure of Canada’s Olympians to take more advantage of VANOC’s early venue gift to athletes trying too hard to win gold, rather than settling for silver or bronze medals.

‘When you do that, you may push yourself a little too hard,” said the Olympic speed skating medalist. “It’s wonderful to have the crowd behind you, but the pressure you then put on yourself is then second to none. Going for [for gold] is an area where we don’t have a lot of experience.'”

Well, thank you, Ms. Priestner-Allinger, for that enlightening bit of commentary. (more…)

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Homeland Hockey Hope

All right.  Let’s be honest here, folks.

Last night’s hockey game vs. the US was pretty sloppy hockey.

If you listened really hard, you could hear a collective groan from 13 million Canadians who tuned in to the game at some point last night, making it the most-watched sporting event in Canadian history.

Let’s be honest about something else.  Luongo needs to start the next game against Germany.  And the game after that.  And the rest of the games that Team Canada plays. (more…)

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Olympic Reality TV

So, I was browsing the web just now, and found this interesting blog post about the Olympics as the world’s original reality TV show.

It’s an interesting post, and the blogger shows several examples of moments that have been particularly reality-esque.  Now, I don’t know about you, but the thought of society craving “reality TV” so much that we even need drama in the Olympic Games is kind of disturbing.

But it’s true.

So let’s take a moment and discover what makes the Olympics so appealing to our reality-hungry brains. (more…)

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Pushing Pressure

“I feel like I’ve let my entire country down.”

Tearful words from skeleton athlete Mellisa Hollingsworth that will probably go down in the history of these 2010 Olympic Games. (more…)

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